MERCHAN Private Detectives is a private investigation agency, made up team of academic experts in the field of Private Detectives qualified and certified by the Spanish Ministry of Interior and the Spanish General Police Department. Seriousness, Efficacy and Confidentiality represent the three basic pillars of their training.

MERCHAN Private Detectives Marbella is an agency specialises in the taking of evidence for the resolution of private and legal, conflict, providing reports essential to our clients, each of which is unique, in those fields and subjects where the lack of information represents an issue.

MERCHAN Private Detectives in Málaga, offers a high quality service together with strict confidentiality. We create a personalised plan for each case to be investigated, together with an ongoing and permanent contact with the client during the whole investigation. Once the investigation is over, we deliver a full and detailed report enclosing the corresponding evidence, and, if necessary, we ratify it before any required Court. Absolute professional secrecy and strictest confidence guaranteed.

MERCHAN Private Detectives in Algeciras, as practising members of the Spanish Association of Private Detectives, offers you their total professional commitment within the legal framework covering our profession. We are regulated by the Spanish 23/1992 Act for Private Security and by the Royal Decree 2364/1994. Private investigation in Spain is an acknowledged and regulated activity reserved to legally qualified Private Detectives, and only to them, remaining within the legal scope of court-appointed experts, private investigators, commercial investigators, deputy detectives and any natural person.